useful links
What is the difference between a blazar and a quasar?
What is High Redshift
Time Zone Converter Time Difference Calculator (Classic)
The Brightest Quasars
Slooh - horizon limit
Slooh (Robotic telescopes)
Projekt: High-Redshift Objects by Achim Strnad
Physics in Universe's Youth
NED: NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database
Messier Objects
List of quasars
Itelescope - Remote Telescope
Infrared Processing and Analysis Center
Imaging The Edge of Everything
How to see quasars with backyard telescopes
Free Robotic Telescope by Harvard-University
Extragalactic Novae
Comoving distance
Chandra Photoalbum Quasars
Catalogue of Bright Quasars and BL Lacertae Objects
Autonomous Robotic Telescope
Astronomy Picture of the Day
(UTC/GMT) Time Zone Converter

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