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If an object is visible by SLOOH mostly it is visible by other telescopes used by amateurs.
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ring nebula or ngc 6720 mag: 8.80 more infos
little dumbbell nebula or messier 76 mag: 10.10 more infos
blue puff nebula or ngc 1514 mag: 9.43 more infos
red spider nebula or ngc 6537 mag: 13.00 more infos
dumbbell nebula or messier 27 mag: 7.50 more infos
ngc 2438 sh only mag: 10.80 more infos
ghost of jupiter or ngc 3242 mag: 8.60 more infos
retina nebula or ic 4406 not added more infos
cleopatras eye or ngc 1535 mag: 10.50 more infos
frosty leo nebula or iras 09371+1212 mag: 11.00 more infos
spirograph nebula or ic 418 mag: 9.60 more infos
robin's egg nebula or ngc 1360 sh only mag: 9.40 more infos
camel eyes nebula or ngc 1501 mag: 13.00 more infos
little ghost nebula or ngc 6369 not added more infos
eskimo nebula or ngc 1535 mag: 10.50 more infos
helix nebula or ngc 7293 mag: 7.60 more infos
bow tie nebula or ngc 40 mag: 10.70 more infos
egg nebula or rafgl 2688 mag: 14.00 more infos
owl nebula or m97 mag: 9.90 more infos
footprint nebula or m 1-92 mag: 11.70 more infos
cetus bubble nebula or ngc 246 mag: 8.00 more infos
engraved hourglass nebula or mycn 18 sh only mag: 13.00 more infos
eight-burst nebula or southern ring nebula sh only mag: 9.87 more infos
blinking planetary or ngc 6826 mag: 8.80 more infos
lemon slice nebula or ic 3568 mag: 12.30 more infos
butterfly nebula or the twin jet nebula mag: 14.70 more infos