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If an object is visible by SLOOH mostly it is visible by other telescopes used by amateurs.
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lagoon nebula or messier 8 mag: 6.00 more infos
soul nebula or ic 1848 mag: 6.50 more infos
tarantula nebula or ngc 2070 sh only mag: 8.00 more infos
stellar nursery or ngc 2467 sh only mag: 7.10 more infos
ghost head nebula or ngc 2080 sh only not added more infos
duck nebula or ngc 2359 mag: 11.45 more infos
flame nebula or ngc 2024 mag: 2.00 more infos
pink and blue nebula or ic 1284 not added more infos
carina nebula or ngc 3372 sh only mag: 1.00 more infos
flaming star nebula or ic 405 mag: 6.00 more infos
cone nebula or ngc 2264 not added more infos
north america nebula or ngc 7000 mag: 4.00 more infos
prawn nebula or ic 4628 mag: 7.31 more infos
ngc 6164 or eso 226-pn13 sh only mag: 6.70 more infos
crescent nebula or ngc 6888 mag: 7.40 more infos
eagle nebula or m16 mag: 6.00 more infos
pacman nebula or ngc 281 not added more infos
seagull nebula or ic 2177 not added more infos
heart nebula or ic 1805 mag: 18.30 more infos
bubble nebula or ngc 7635 mag: 10.00 more infos
orion nebula or messier 42 mag: 4.00 more infos
monkey head nebula or ngc 2174 mag: 6.80 more infos
california nebula or ngc 1499 mag: 6.00 more infos
ngc 7822 not added more infos
de mairan's nebula or messier 43 mag: 9.00 more infos
coalsack nebula or c99 sh only not added more infos
n44 sh only not added more infos
strawberry nebula or ic 417 not added more infos
ngc 1763 or eso 85-en20 sh only not added more infos