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name: perseus a
name (alternate): ngc 1275
typ (catalog): seyfert galaxy (ngc)
coordinates: (J2000)
ra: 3 h 19 m 48.1 s dec: 41 ° 30 ' 42 "
coord. for easier usage:
ra: 3.33 dec: 41.51167 usage is easier but not so exact
please remember:
some of the values can slighty differ by day and condition.
distance (approx.):
237.00 million lightyears convert this
brightness (visible):
12.60 mag
perseus (per) symbolism: the hero
proofpic: avaiable, please request if needed
different size: not added yet
additional Info: caltech, google, google images, simbad, wikipedia
extra text: brightest member of galaxy cluster perseus, near the center of the cluster, corresponds to the radio galaxy perseus a
image (max. 500kb): no image added yet
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processing: it's recommended to use: bright galaxy or comet
visible: yes